Let’s Prepare for VMworld 2021

VMworld is one of the biggest Enterprise-IT events in the world. This year, unfortunately again like last year, an online only event. It will take place from 5th to 7th October and will be packed with over 1000 sessions covering both traditional and innovative topics on what is important in the IT sphere.

VMworld 2021 Theme

Why Should You Attend?

VMware is the spider in the multi-cloud universe, with already a long success story in the on-premises world. Offering supreme software for complex IT challenges, fulfilling crucial requirements for companies around the globe. Here you receive, first hand, what the new and hot topics in the IT world are through the lens of VMware. Just awesome, everybody is on the same page, learning, connecting and being inspired!

How to Register?

First, click on the link and create a VMworld 2021 account. This is done in a few minutes and worth the time. After that, you can directly register and choose your type of your VMworld Pass. On one hand, the free pass will suffice for everyone who wants to get a taste. Don’t worry if you register with the free pass at first you have always the possibility to upgrade to Tech+ Pass later.

Free version of VMworld

On the other hand, you can upgrade for $299 to get access to everything the event has to offer. See for yourself what it contains.

Get your upgrade for $299

For the complete escalation from 5th October to 5th November, I recommend you order additional certification vouchers. Prepare for the exams, test your knowledge and raise your market value. Last year, I renewed my VCP-DCV (VMware Certified Professional – Data Center Virtualization) and earned the Double VCP badge with VCP-NV.

50% rebate on certifications

Find out more about all the different certifications by clicking on the link. There is also a new track called Application Modernization, with a new VCP!

Content Catalog Guide

After registration, you get access to the content catalog with about 1000 sessions.

  • Please use the filters, scrolling through all 1000 sessions may overwhelm and exhaust.
  • If you are new – you may stay on level 100.
  • Add the sessions to your favorites by clicking on the heart symbol.
  • Use the session builder opening on 8th of September to schedule your sessions.
  • Click on the session name to display its full details.
  • Some sessions are on demand. So choose when to watch them yourself!

Next Year I Will See You in Barcelona

Let’s celebrate the following announcement in the official FAQ:

I think we are all fed up with the pure online meeting overflow. Nevertheless, let’s enjoy this cornerstone event and hope for a more human year of joy and restoration in 2022!

Have a nice time and stay healthy.

Huge Momentum – An Overview of vSphere 7 U2

vSphere 7 U2 was released on the 9th of March 2021 and brought a bunch of nice features for various use cases.

Soon after the release I could upgrade my lab vCenter 7 U1 to U2. Easy through the VAMI: https://vcenter.fqdn:5480. Then I deployed a couple of nested ESXi 7 U2 hosts and came in touch with the new surface.

If you beak the update down, improvements for vCenter, ESXi and vSAN emerge.

Now let’s start with an overview and proceed to my top features and their content.

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Hands on Kubernetes with VMware Tanzu

Rapid change is among us. We are flooded with new concepts and technologies. This article will dive into the new possibilities to host cloud native workloads in the vSphere environment. Actually, VMware released a new suite of products in April 2020 named Tanzu.

Finally, I finished designing and implementing my new home-lab environment based on VMware vSphere.

Thus, I could deploy and test many new VMware products and features like vSphere 7 U2, vSAN, vRealize Automation 8.3 and vRealize Orchestrator 8.3. Meanwhile, I feel in love with infrastructure as code. So, I created and edited several JSON & YAML files to get my infrastructure up and running.

In this week the time came to build up a nested environment that is capable to run vSphere with Kubernetes.

Thanks to vSphere 7 U2 Tanzu is now supported with three different load balancing setups: NSX-T the most expensive, HA proxy which is free and new in U2, NSX advanced load balancer essentials free as well. Without load balancing neither Container nor Kubernetes will work properly.

My choice for lab was HA proxy because my nested environment was built stable & lightweight on vSphere 7 U1.

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Awarded with the vExpert 2021

After a very rough and transforming year of 2020, I am very thrilled to announce that my efforts have been rewarded with the title of vExpert 2021.

Twice a year you have the possibility to apply for this title. So to receive this honor, you have to prove that you are eligible. Furthermore, I had to decide which path to apply for.

Therefore, I had the choice between the customer, partner and evangelist path. Despite my new employer: interface systems GmbH has the highest tier and is a principal partner in data center virtualization, I choose the evangelist path. This was the logical choice because I was working, during the application for vExpert, just four months for this company.

Meanwhile, I am very settled with this company and already confidently advised numerous customers, was speaker on several workshops, contributed in the VMTN forum, blogged and absolved trainings and certifications. A new and exciting world I arrived in.

Currently, there are about 2200 active vExperts, and you can have a look, filter and search for the individual experts here: https://vexpert.vmware.com/directory

Furthermore, I could refresh my implementation expert certification in December 2020 (VCIX-DCV). Now I have all the prerequisites to overmaster the last challenge of becoming one of 300 VMware Design Experts. Just a project with sufficient complexity has to be found :-).

My next articles will be either about new technologies in the VMware realm like TANZU or my other favorite topic: sports. I am currently “getting wintered” like Ross Edgley would say. That means I am training harshly despite the adverse weather. Currently, I am reaching my new height of VO2Max 62!

Constant distance…

Thanks for reading, stay healthy and save!

AMD Is Epic Again

This article is a follow up to my last regarding that topic in 2018.

Hence, it offers an update on the wrestling match between AMD and INTEL and some insights regarding VMware.

In addition, I will dive deeper into the current AMD Epyc architecture “Rome” and plot the major improvements and benefits for the workloads.

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Last Call For VMworld 2020

This year everything is different, we all have to adapt, improve and overcome the various new challenges. So this year’s VMworld adjusted too. The event starts tomorrow and won’t be hosted on premises in the USA and Europe but exclusively online – featuring world-class tech experts from 29.09. until 01.10.2020.

Let’s focus on the benefits:

  • It has a free part and thus is available for a broader audience
  • No exhausting travel
  • Easier to extract content and create notes

Over 100k people already registered, this is huge.

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VMware vSphere 7 – Improvements and Architecture Wrap-up

Finally, five years after the release of vSphere 6 in 2015, the time has come for the next level of the first class enterprise hypervisor ESXi and it’s management environment VCenter Server. After several announcements, the new version 7.0 GA was released, public downloadable, at beginning of April 2020. Meanwhile there was a lot of time to stage the first upgrades and evaluate the new features. Read on and check out my insights…

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