Running Events 2018 and more…

Dear readers,

at first I want to make some announcements because my life changed radically: new job, city and a whole new life setting at all.

The last months were exciting and exhausting with a lot of work, despite that I enjoyed every second to be alive in this time of huge potentials.

I am glad that I managed to keep my overall positive attitude and I am sure that sports was one of the key support to stay healthy.

I was already able to participate in some running / walking events this year:

AOK RUN Augsburg March 18th Sunday – 10km running

Megamarsch Munich – Mai 12th  Saturday/Sunday – 100km walking

Town Run Augsburg – June 3rd Sunday – 21km running

Insight from Megamarsch: Know your limits… we quit at km 84 after about 19 hours at a nice pace and over 1030 meters uphill and 670 downhill. Crazy…

So what is next? This little gem is coming up on 27th of July and I take part:

Just 5,75km but a good upportinity to work on my speed not endurance.

Furthermore I will continue with my technical vSAN series in the next post and I have something about “latency in all layers” in mind.

After that I will show you that processors are no longer a monopoly… AMD is back on all tracks.

Please stay tuned 🙂

Best regards,

Nicolas Frey

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