The extreme event – Mammutmarsch 2017

Hello everybody,

some weeks ago I announced my participation at Mammutmarsch 2017 in Munich – 100km in under 24h. Besides that the total rise of altitude was ~1100 meters!!! This weekend on Saturday afternoon I started the long walk.

The start:

It was pretty good weather in Munich and about 28 degrees. Everybody was chilling until the start of the first group at around 3 pm.

The last preparations were made. Filling the bags with useful items, such as apples, beef jerky, energy bars and various other stuff. There was a transport service for the bags to the support stations.

Mental preparation is important too. Cooling down the nerves with a last refreshing beer.  Still some time left. The start of my group was one hour ahead at 4:30pm.

The execution:

That’s how it goes. The first checkpoint after about 20km. Banana, energy bar and some water.  Just a short break.


The following picture was taken after 54km in the night at around 4am. It was already the third supply stop. A thunderstorm with a lot of rain made the night the opposite of boring.  Therefore I was fairly stressed, not only me how you can see in the background. This shelter really saved my mood, warm and dry. Again some energy bars, Landjäger (cannot recommend it) and banana for refuel.


After 65km we arrived at the next stop, at this point I thought: I quit.

This picture was taken in the town Herrsching am Ammersee at Gasthof zur Post, close to Andechs. Thanks for the warm coffee!!! Therefore I will come back.


Close to finish just about 10km left. Blisters and severe pain on several body parts. Keep on smiling 🙂


The conclusion:

Finally finished. This was an awesome experience. To be honest, in the middle of the night I didn’t think I would make it. But every time I thought that I reached my limit I just kept on walking. Everything is just a mind game.

Around 1000 participants, 100 crossed the finish line.


The aftermath:

Next year I will participate in Megamarsch. From Munich to the Austrian border. I would like to see you there :). Early bird tickets available until end of August.

Megamarsch 2018 – Anmeldung


I would be thrilled for some feedback.

Best regards

Nicolas Frey

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