Last Call For VMworld 2020

This year everything is different, we all have to adapt, improve and overcome the various new challenges. So this year’s VMworld adjusted too. The event starts tomorrow and won’t be hosted on premises in the USA and Europe but exclusively online – featuring world-class tech experts from 29.09. until 01.10.2020.

Let’s focus on the benefits:

  • It has a free part and thus is available for a broader audience
  • No exhausting travel
  • Easier to extract content and create notes

Over 100k people already registered, this is huge.

In order to get an update to the VMware universe and beyond, please create an account and register not later than today:

After registration, filter the content with your preferences and register for the sessions. Make use of the scheduler feature and fill the white space.

If you are interested in AI / ML and ready to warm up, I suggest you watch this talk with on-of-a-kind technology evangelist Robert Scoble. Really enjoyed it.

My last attendance was back in 2017 and I used this chance to create my first blog content. I remember the awesome weather, great atmosphere and the unique and inspiring people. Goose bumps incoming…

See you there 🙂 …

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