Marathon Running Report For Icy January

Hi everybody,

this is the monthly report for January 2020 focusing on the areas I was able to improve or gathered new insights.

The purpose of this monthly report is on the one hand to serve as personal diary to reflect and digest and on the other hand to share my experience and motivate others.

Improvement Areas

Running Practice

Late December and January were golden training months. Despite celebrating Christmas and eating a lot fatty but also awesome tasting food, while gathering with the family, I managed to stick to my routine.

Both in December and January I absolved in total six long distance runs. These were at average 32 kilometres and I learned to stay below 145 hearth rate.

Furthermore I still practices interval training in the gym with top speed 19.3 km/h and incline of 2%.

In addition I came in contact with Plyometrics while doing some extended research about running technique.

So I started to experiment with some key exercises on days I didn’t run and still was able to improve my overall running ability.

The result is that I was able to increase my VO2Max value, which is an indicator for fitness, from 56 in December to 58 in February. Furthermore the current calculation of my Marathon finishing time is 3:12 h. This is 12 minutes apart from my goal of finishing the Berlin Marathon under 3 h but I still got about 8 months left for preparation.

Meditation & Yoga

Gladly announcing that I came out of my comfort zone and managed to attend my first Yoga course. To be precise it was in Berlin early January and the course was called Yin Yoga with Briana – this was a nice and relaxing experience which made me feel a lot better afterwards. Thank you Briana. Especially in these cold and sunless months you need to feel some kind of warmth.

Consistency is always key and on of my prime directives I follow. So here I am in February 14th with eight absolved yoga class sessions in total since early January.


Finally the overall improvement of my VO2Max value from 56 to 58 is a clear sign that I am not on the wrong track towards reaching my goal.

This report is now scheduled for every second Friday each month. On my next report I plan to share my best training in February with all the key parameters through my portal at Garmin.

Thanks for reading, stay healthy folks.

Happy valentines day as well.

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