Running Report May 2020 – Defy Unforeseen Changes and Adapt

Hi everybody,

I am reporting back from the walking dead.

Unfortunately I suffered from a ankle injury on the side of my right foot. This nasty cutback didn’t heal as fast as I expected maybe I escalated too hard on the treadmill.

Luckily I was able to recover but had to drastically reduce my training workload. That’s why I didn’t report for almost three months. I am thrilled that I am back very refreshed and hungry for new personal records.

So I was able to regenerate from a VO2Max as low as 53 back to 57 in the last two weeks. My all-time high was 58 in January 2020 this means I am not back to my previous fitness.

Rapid regeneration VO2Max

Furthermore the global situation is still uncertain. I was registered for the S25 and the Berlin Marathon but both won’t take place this year like planned. As soon as I got the bad news I already had a new kind of challenge. At the moment I have a streak of 48 days walking minimum 7000 steps/day. I do it every day no matter how bad the weather or mood.

Consistency is key

Thus I have a long and refreshing walk in my lunch break in the Volkspark Friedrichshain in Berlin.

Let’s play outside

In addition I discovered – thanks to my fiancé – a dexterity game that’s perfect to play under the current circumstances. It’s called Kubb also known as “Viking chess”.

The game works like that you have to throw wood pieces against the opponents in order to knock them over. It is playable from two to six players. Therefore you need some grassy or sandy even ground in the park or at the beach. The field needs to be 5 x 10 meters wide. Besides that it could serve well as birthday present regardless of age as well.

After some comment research at Amazon I can recommend this version for purchase. I can confirm a good craft and good price-performance:

Kubb recommendation

To sum this up I wish everybody a sunny, healthy and positive spring. Maybe you join the club of Kubb and I am able to challenge the one or the other during my visit in Augsburg at the end of May. The game will be in my luggage xD

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