Running Report October 2020 – Beyond The Plateau

This article is the follow up to my last one regarding sports back in Mai 2020.

At the time it was pretty obvious that the two big running events in Berlin won’t happen this year, and they didn’t.

Of course, winning the lottery to Berlin Marathon was not enough …

So I wasn’t able to reach my two goals:

  • Finish S25 2020 in under 1:45 h
  • Finish Berlin Marathon 2020 in under 3:00 h

Nonetheless, I didn’t cut back regarding my athletic activities and I trained freaking a lot. Luckily recovered in an utterly short time from my injury in spring. In June / July I finished four training marathons (even one 50k) – still hoping for the Berlin Marathon taking place:

I can’t wait for the weekend…

After running 42 km in 3:15h I had the most intense endorphin rush in my life. This was an extremely crazy experience.

Last weekend, on the 24th of October, something magical happened. Finally, through my constant balanced training containing high/low aerobic and anaerobic running units, I breached the V02 Max 60 barrier.

My last three consecutive runs confirmed my new personal record:

More From My Running Focus Domains

Training Locations

I cancelled my fitness studio subscription in September. Complete focus on training in the nature with lots of fresh air. Constantly defy harsh weather. Three new running tracks.

  • Berlin Tiergarten  10km – 25km high pace –  distance depending on training intensity.
  • Berlin Teufelsberg 13km – Trail run with as much incline as you can get in Berlin 😀 good grip required
  • Berlin Adlershof – Deutsche Oper – 25km – Berlin City track – running home from the office

From Berlin-Adlershof to Berlin-Deutsche-Oper at least 30 degrees – I was melting in August! Who needs sauna?

These new tracks add a nice pinch variety to the mix. After sitting or standing at the desk for hours, through these activities I replenish my mental strength and receive a shrug off of negativity.

Meditation And Yoga

Furthermore, I intensely practiced the lotus position which I can endure over one hour at the moment. This habit really improved my posture and I think it also had an effect on my running economy. Shorter ground contact times and wider step size.

In addition it calms my mind and lets me decelerate from an intense and challenging IT day.

The Great Chaos!

We live in unique times, the power grab is real. I am really curious if big running contests will ever happen again and how they can offer a format I want to be part of at all. Whatever, I don’t have to impress anyone. I am doing this kind of stuff to stay in harmony with myself, get tough and grow my mental and physical abilities. I am sure I will need them in the upcoming years. Sharing my experiences in order to help others to grow makes me happy as well.

What’s Next?

In the upcoming weeks I will exclusively focus on VMware topics. Mostly because I want to achieve vExpert status, application phase is starting at the end of November.

Therefore I will touch-and-go with a VMworld 2020 retrospect and extract the most innovative topics for you.

During VMworld I was able to pass the VCP DCV 2020 and VCP NV 2020 exam and can proudly announce the double VCP badge. Furthermore, my goal for 2021 is to achieve the VCDX in DCV on top of my VCIX-6 DCV. This will require immense willpower and dedication.

Another surprise is waiting for you but I won’t reveal it in this article.

Stay tuned, happy and healthy.

Wish you all the best.

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